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Interface Consulting News:

  • Frank Adams presents "Cross Examination of a Scheduling Expert - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" at ABA Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, Florida
  • Interface continues participation in HCC Advisory Board for The Drafting and Design Engineering Technology Program

Construction Litigation

Dispute over hotel construction sparks $4.3 million claim

Albany Business Review

"MLB Construction Services LLC filed a legal summons against the owner of the Pavilion Grand Hotel in Saratoga Springs, New York and 20 other companies, claiming it's owed $4.27 million....The legal summons says MLB is seeking $4.27 million for damages 'based on breach of contract, unjust enrichment, delay and lien surety bond' from the defendants....'Because of nonconforming work at the project, Lake Avenue disputes the amounts claimed by MLB in both the litigation and the lien,' said DeVito."

College Files Suit Against Housing Co.

Rio Grande Sun

"Northern New Mexico College officials filed suit against a collegiate housing company, claiming the college should not pay more than $600,000, because a contract signed by both parties was invalidated....Northern officials signed a development agreement with oversee the development, design and construction of the proposed Northern dorms....[T]he company has not performed these obligations under Northern's development agreement with it, therefore, the agreement was null and void....Northern owes $649,398 to the company for services rendered."

Construction delays, lawsuit prolong building of Syracuse University bookstore, result in bike lane closures

The Daily Orange

"[T]he lawsuit between Syracuse University and the developer it hired to construct a new bookstore [has] enter[ed] its ninth month....The construction site...has been dormant since June, but portions of the city-owned sidewalk lanes have remained enclosed inside the construction fence....The developer...sued the university in July 2014, about a month after SU terminated its contract....The university cited construction delays and inability to secure financing as reasons for ending the project...Cameron Group has lost approximately $1.5 million on the project."

Construction Costs

VA building projects riddled with mistakes and cost overruns

The Washington Post

"Not even completed yet, this $1.7 billion facility is already among the most expensive hospitals in the world, and it's just one of several VA hospital projects that are greatly over budget and behind schedule....'Everything that could have gone wrong did. It's just an astounding price tag,' said David Wise....At a of nine held on the Colorado hospital cost overruns and delays, members will discuss whether they should allocate an additional $830 million to finish the project."

Parish saves $250,000 in sewer construction costs

Bossier Press-Tribune Online

"A change in direction in one section of Bossier Parish's $50 million sewer project will save the parish just over a quarter of a million dollars....Parish engineer Butch Ford said the total savings of $225,498 comes from changing the route of lines which will run under I-220 near Shed Road....'That was [a] very long bore, about 1,800 to 2,000 feet, and it is very expensive to make those very long bores....We met, regrouped and came up with a way to make it easier to cross...'That cuts the bore distance to around 200 to 300 feet. It's uncommon to see a plan change to a major project wind up saving money.'"

New construction pushes Tesla gigafactory spending past $62M to date

Reno Gazette-Journal

"Construction costs at Tesla Motors' gigafactory site east of Reno reached at least $62.4 million to date as permitting activity picked up in late March. New projects include a $2.1 million modification of the gigafactory's initial structural steel...The first phase of the gigafactory's $15 million steel structure was started last December with a planned June finish date....The estimated construction costs at the gigafactory through January was at least $53.1 million, bringing the total cost so far to at least $62.4 million for the gigafactory site based on permitting data alone."

Construction Opportunities

One of the nation's biggest sports construction projects is just 90 miles away — and should be done in 8 months

Jacksonville Business Journal

"Think of the 10 largest professional sports stadiums in Florida. Now combine those into one and you still wouldn't come close to the $400 million overhaul known as Daytona Rising....The 2 1/2-mile stadium oval, which is slated to open in January 2016, will be the largest single investment by International Speedway Corp, creating 6,300 jobs, $300 million in labor income and more than $85 million in tax revenue."

Construction underway on manufacturing innovation centre

Niagara This Week

"The long-awaited day finally came...for Niagara College. Provincial Minister of Finance Charles Sousa was at the take part in the ground breaking for a $4.2 million expansion...The expansion, a two-story 15,000-square-foot addition to the campus's Rankin Technology Centre will function as an Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre, dramatically increasing the capacity to work on research and development projects with area small- and medium-sized businesses....Construction of the new centre is expected to wrap up in 2016."

Steel delivery to set the stage for full construction of hospital

The Buffalo News

"The first pieces of structural steel are set to the site for the new John R. Oishei Children's Hospital, and full construction of the $270 million project on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus gets underway the next day....Those pieces...represent the first of 32 such deliveries from subcontractor Cives Steel over the next few months, totaling some 4,500 tons of steel, according to Turner project superintendent Matt Sikora....By the end of the 30-month project...workers will have completed more than 98,000 man-days."

Construction Schedules

Major Hospital construction on track

The Shelbyville News

"The project, which is scheduled to be finished August 2016, is still on schedule. 'Our site work is advancing, our construction is on schedule and we're also on budget. Those are kind of the big things that keep me up at night if I have a problem with and luckily they're not,' [Jeff] Williams [, the vice president of facility operations], said....The hospital will cost $89 million, with $68 million going to the construction budget."

City gym construction ahead of schedule

The Times and Democrat

"Just five months ago, city officials and community members gathered for an official ground-breaking ceremony for the City of Orangeburg's community center/gymnasium. Now steel beams stand as the framework of the two full-size basketball courts and community center come together piece by piece. Orangeburg Mayor Michael Butler said the project is slightly ahead of schedule. Officials estimate it will be complete by December."

South Arkansas Regional Airport Hangar Construction at Standstill


"With the inclement weather South Arkansas has been receiving the last few weeks, Dayco Construction has not been able to get any work done on the new hangar for South Arkansas regional airport. 'It's been over a year now in construction, and they made terrific progress early on. Got to a phase in the project where a change was made to the project, so stopped a little bit to address those changes that needed to be made, and then the weather has been a perpetual problem since then,' says South Arkansas Regional Airport Manager, Tim Johnson."

Industry Spotlight

New Technology Drives Construction Industry Toward Innovation

Construction around the globe is evolving as many companies are embracing new technology. Innovations such as 3D printing and BIM are quickly becoming the center of the construction technology discussion. Companies are utilizing 3D printing to recreate priceless lost work, construct entire housing developments, and produce sustainable building materials. The use of 3D modeling such as BIM is streamlining the entire construction process with an eye for sustainability. The applications credited to these new technologies have a wide range of benefits which include decreasing production time, reducing the cost of labor, and minimizing waste.

How 3d printing is changing the global construction industry forever

Construction Global

"The 3D printing is done using super-size printers which use a special concrete and composite mixture that is thicker than regular concrete, allowing it to be self-supporting as it sets...Lower material usage and lower labor costs create a less expensive construction method which can in turn create lower-cost....[T]he 3D process saves between 30 and 60 percent of construction waste, can reduce production times by 50 to 70 percent and reduce labor costs by 50 to 80 percent."

Construction of Sagrada Família Accelerated by 3-D Printing Technology


"[C]onstruction of Antoni Gaudí's already 133-year-old Sagrada Família in Barcelona is now being accelerated by one of the most modern technologies around....The process uses powder-based stereolithographic 3-D printers, which build prototypes layer-by-layer, resulting in a material similar to plaster....'Many of Gaudi's models were smashed by anarchists during the Spanish Civil War, but the surviving fragments can now be digitized using 3-D scanners.'"

This Controversial Chinese Company Wants To 3-D Print Your Next House

The Huffington Post

"The company at the center of the controversy got its start as a supplier of construction materials, but made international headlines last year when it unveiled 10 small houses in Shanghai that it had printed in its factory....The company says it has already secured orders for its machines from clients in several countries, including a firm that hopes to print out 20,000 affordable houses for the Egyptian government....Most appealing to Chinese developers is the labor-saving nature of the machines."

3D building models help bring sustainability into construction

The Guardian

"[T]he beauty of BIM is that it allows the user to run computer simulations which help those involved in the project's evolution understand how the building behaves long before construction begins....[A]ugmented reality, where computerised information is overlaid onto a virtual or actual view of a site, is now becoming commonplace in construction, streamlining the design process and lowering building costs. And by minimising construction defects, the ongoing operational costs are reduced."

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